What is a five-way switch?

When it comes to the five-way switch, I believe that all my friends are familiar with it, because we can see this kind of switch in our daily life, and it is basically this kind of switch that is used to control electronic devices.

In fact, it is easier to understand from the name. The so-called five-way switch is set with five fixed contacts, which are combined on one product with five directions to complete five functions. one of the characteristics. Then this kind of switch has a wide range of applications and is recognized by everyone, because it can regulate the disconnection and connection of multiple modules, and is suitable for electronics, electrical appliances and other electronic devices.

In fact, many people say that the five-way switch is a rocker switch, because it is used to realize the five functions by shaking the plastic handle. Then the most important feature is that it has a central fixed contact, a common contact and several nearby fixed contacts set on the inner bottom end near the above-mentioned central fixed contact. The casing, several metal movable contact reeds that are relatively set on the above-mentioned central fixed contact and nearby fixed contacts.


Therefore, it will have a field of application that other switches do not have.

The communication equipment that we can see in our daily life also includes digital products, such as mobile phones, pads, and computers, all of which use five-way switches. Other fields include automotive electronics, household appliances, and instrumentation equipment. This type of switch is also used.


It is not difficult to see that the five-way switch has a wide range of applications, and its performance is very good, it is easy to repair and test, and it is generally impossible to cause great risks during the use process. However, the purchase of switches must be selected according to one's own needs. Because there are many types of switches, it is necessary to do a comprehensive understanding before purchasing.

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