275A Power Terminal Block with 2x3/8" Stud and 10×M4(
275A Power Terminal Block with 2x3/8" Stud and 10×M4(
275A Power Terminal Block with 2x3/8" Stud and 10×M4(
275A Power Terminal Block with 2x3/8" Stud and 10×M4(
275A Power Terminal Block with 2x3/8" Stud and 10×M4(

275A Power Terminal Block with 2x3/8" Stud and 10×M4( #8) Screw

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About this item

High-Capacity Power Distribution】- This 275A power terminal block is designed to handle high-current loads in demanding electrical applications. The robust 4.0mm copper bar, significantly thicker than standard bus bars, ensures reliable performance under heavy loads, exceeding the capabilities of traditional 2.0mm brass bus bars. Its ability to handle 275A continuous current at 300V AC or 48V DC makes it ideal for powering high-demand equipment.

Versatile Terminal Design】- This terminal block features a versatile terminal design, accommodating a wide range of wire sizes and connections. It includes two 3/8" stud terminals for securing larger wire connections and ten M4 (#8) screw terminals for smaller wires. This flexibility simplifies wiring and allows for efficient power distribution in various applications.

Superior Stability and Durability】- The power terminal block features a secure fastening method that integrates the copper bar with the base, providing exceptional stability and torque resistance. This design eliminates the risk of loosening and potential safety hazards often encountered with traditional bus bars. The use of 304 stainless steel for all terminals ensures superior corrosion resistance, extending the life of the terminal block and minimizing maintenance needs.

Comprehensive Electrical Protection】- This high-capacity terminal block is equipped with a protective cover that shields exposed areas, preventing accidental short circuits and enhancing electrical safety. The cover allows for 180° installations, accommodating diverse wiring configurations and maximizing flexibility during setup. This robust design prioritizes safety and reliability in demanding environments.

 Tidy Wiring Solutions for Diverse Applications】- This 275A power terminal block simplifies wiring, promoting neat and organized connections that minimize the risk of electrical short circuits. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, including automotive, marine, RVs, trucks, solar energy systems, and more. With its high current capacity and robust design, this terminal block delivers reliable power distribution for various demanding applications.

What is included in Package:

1 x Positive Power Distribution Block

1 x Negative Power Distribution Block


Part NO BB275-T2M10S10-C
Connection Type Red for Positive
Black for Negative
Terminal Studs 2 x M10 (3/8”)
Terminal Screws 10 x M4 (#8)
Base & Cover Material Nylon 
Bus Material Copper
Bus Thickness 4mm
Terminals Material Stainless Steel
Max Voltage 48V DC
Max Continuous Amperage 275 AMP 48VDC/300V AC 
Overall Dimension 166mm x 34mm x 52mm (LxWxH)

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