RB-R6F6-W1-B 6-Way Fuse Relay Box with Wireless Remote
RB-R6F6-W1-B 6-Way Fuse Relay Box with Wireless Remote Packegae
RB-R6F6-W1-B 6-Way Fuse Relay Box
RB-R6F6-W1-B 6-Way Fuse Relay Box with Wireless Remote Dimension
RB-R6F6-W1-B 6-Way Fuse Relay Box with Cover
RB-R6F6-W1-B Pre-Wired 6-Way Fuse Relay Box with Wireless Remote

Automotive Waterproof 12V 6-Way Fuse Relay Box with Wireless Remote

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About this item

【Ample Relay Capacity】- Designed with a 6-slot configuration, this fuse and relay box accommodates 5 Bosch-style relays and 1 slot reserved for the RTT7121 4-pin relay. Its generous capacity ensures efficient management of various electrical components.

【Enhanced Safety】- Engineered for ATC/ATO fuses, this relay holder and fuse box offer 6 dedicated slots, reinforcing safety during usage. The combination of relays and fuses ensures comprehensive protection for your electrical system.

【Convenient Terminals】- Included with the 12V relay box are specialized terminals for both relays and fuses. This thoughtful inclusion streamlines the installation process, allowing you to set up and utilize the fuse and relay box swiftly.

【Waterproof Design】- Complete with a top cover and a bottom cover, this automotive 12V relay box offers waterproof housing. This feature shields the relay and fuse components from external elements, contributing to extended durability and reliability.

【Versatile Application】- This 6-way fuse and relay box finds utility in a wide range of settings, from automotive installations to marine and industrial applications. Its flexible design makes it suitable for diverse electrical configurations, ensuring compatibility with various equipment.


RB-R6F6-W1-B - 1 x Box, 41 x Terminals (29 x Relay Terminals, 12 x Fuse Terminals), 6 x Relays (5 x 4 Pin Bosch Style, 1 x RTT7121 Style), 6 x ATC/ATO Fuses (1 x 5A, 1 x 10A, 1 x 15A, 1 x 20A, 1 x 25A, 1 x 30A), Pre-wired and Remote Control.


 Part NO RB-R6F6-W1-B
Fuse Type ATC & ATO Fuse
Relay Type Bosch Relay & RTT7121 Relay
Number of Fuse Slots 6 x ATC/ATO Fuses
Number of Relay Slots 5 x Bosch Style, 1 x RTT7121 Style
Applications for Car Truck Marine, Automotive, Motorsport


Product Details

RB-R6F6-RF 12V Relay Box

Relay Holder

This 12v relay box will come with 5 pcs Bosch style relays and 1 pc RTT7121 4 pin relay, which can meet different kinds of needs.

RB-R6F6-RF 6 slots fuse and relay box

ATC/ATO Fuse Holder

This fuse relay box has been designed with slots for 6 fuses and is suitable for ATC/ATO fuses.

RB-R6F6-RF terminals


This 12V relay fuse box will also come with 41 pcs terminals, which include 29 pcs relay terminals and 12 pcs fuse terminals.

RB-R6F6-RF top and bottom cover relay box

Top & Bottom Cover

Top and bottom cover design automotive relay box, which can effectively enhance the waterproof performance of the relay panel.

Technical Data Sheet

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