ASW-A401 140A 12V VSR Dual Battery Isolator
ASW-A401 140A 12V VSR Dual Battery Isolator Dimension
ASW-A401 IP67 Waterproof Grade Exquisite Workmanship
ASW-A401 140A 12V VSR Dual Battery Isolator Wires Connection Guide
ASW-A401 140A 12V VSR Dual Battery Isolator Application Scenarios
ASW-A401 140A 12V VSR Dual Battery Isolator Wide Compatibility

140A 12V Voltage Sensitive Relay VSR Dual Smart Battery Isolator

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About this item

【Efficient Charging】- Our advanced Voltage Sensitive Relay (VSR) ensures efficient charging by activating at 13.3 volts (LED on) and deactivating at 12.8 volts (LED off), keeping your primary battery fully charged and ready for your vehicle's needs.

【Seamless Functionality】- With the engine running, our VSR engages at 13.3 volts, indicated by the illuminated LED light. This seamless functionality links both batteries, creating an integrated system. When your vehicle is turned off and the voltage drops to 12.8 volts, the system disengages the batteries, providing a safe starting point for your main battery.

【Reliable Protection】- Our Dual Battery Isolator offers reliable protection, preventing overcharging and short circuits. Rest assured knowing that your car's electrical system is safeguarded, ensuring optimal performance.

【Robust and Durable】- Engineered for durability, our 140A 12V Dual Battery Isolator is built to withstand the toughest conditions. It is designed to be water-resistant, shock-resistant, dust-proof, and capable of handling unexpected extreme weather environments.

【Versatile Compatibility】- Our battery isolators are highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of vehicles, including ATVs, UTVs, boats, RVs, marine vehicles, trucks, and caravans. Enjoy efficient battery management across different platforms.

What’s in the package

1 x Smart Dual Battery Isolator


Part NO ASW-A401
Type Dual Smart Battery Isolator
Waterproof Rate IP67
Voltage  12V 
Current 140A
Cut-in Volts  13.3V (LED ON)
Cut-out Volts 12.8V (LED OFF)
Delay Time 5 Seconds


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Hooked it up on my boat to charge my trolling motor battery. Work great and charges fast.


Should be standard equipment! Charges your aux battery when your engine is running. Also when your main battery is low you can flip the switch (not included) to parallel your batteries to get your motor started.

Brittany Carson

Easy to set up, install and works really well. I use mine to isolate my outboard's starting battery from the deep cycle (which runs all electrical equipment on the boat).

It doesnt matter if the outboard is charging the dedicated starting battery or my solar setup is charging my deep cycle. If parameters are met, both will charge and/or disconnect from either direction.

Akira Adkins

Battery isolator wired in between the first and secondary battery. Secondary battery wired in & charging perfectly when the Jeep is on. The isolator cuts out when the Jeep is off, separating the connection between the two batteries, as it should.


I have twin engines in my boat and I installed two of these so that after my engines start from their start batteries, then once that short burst of amperage is replaced by the respective engine, these devices note when each start battery has reached full charge and then switches over the balance of the alternator output to charging my inverter bank. I love giving the start batteries priority in the charge cycle.