ASW-A401M-1 VSR Smart Dual Battery Isolator with Voltmeter
ASW-A401M-1 VSR Smart Dual Battery Isolator with Voltmeter Dimension
ASW-A401M-1 Manual Auto VSR Smart Dual Battery Isolator with Voltmeter
ASW-A401M-1 IP67 Waterproof Grade Exquisite Workmanship
ASW-A401M-1 VSR Smart Dual Battery Isolator with Voltmeter Two Adjustable
ASW-A401M-1 VSR Smart Dual Battery Isolator Wires Connection Guide
ASW-A401M-1 VSR Smart Dual Battery Isolator with Voltmeter Wide Compatibility

IP67 Manual/Auto Control Voltage Display VSR Smart Dual Battery Isolator

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About this item

【Manual Control】: Activate the manual mode by long-pressing the button for 3 seconds. Easily connect and disconnect the circuit with a simple press of the button, indicated by the red indicator and voltmeter. Ensure complete control over your battery system.

【Automatic Control】: Switch to the auto mode by long-pressing the button again. The circuit will automatically connect when the voltage exceeds 13.3V, indicated by the voltmeter and indicator lights. When the voltage drops below 12.8V, the circuit will disconnect, preserving battery power.

【Real-time Voltage Display】: Our dual battery isolator features a built-in voltmeter that provides accurate and real-time voltage readings. It intelligently displays the voltage of the higher-charged battery when two batteries are connected. Suitable for various vehicles, including trucks, UTV/ATVs, boats, marine vessels, and buses.

【Voltage Sensitive Relay】: With a cut-in voltage of 13.3V and a cut-out voltage of 12.8V, our isolator ensures that your main battery remains charged, eliminating worries of battery drain and getting stranded on the road. Enjoy convenient and reliable operation.

【Pressure Protection】: To safeguard your main battery from over-discharging, the circuit will automatically disconnect if the input voltage is below 11V or exceeds 17V. This protection feature ensures the longevity and optimal performance of your battery system.

What’s in the package

1 x VSR Smart Dual Battery Isolator


Part NO ASW-A401M-1
Type Dual Smart Battery Isolator
voltage  12V 
Current 140A
Cut-in Volts  13.3V (LED ON)
Cut-out Volts 12.8V (LED OFF)
Delay Time 5 Seconds
Waterproof Rate IP67 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I have this installed aboard my pontoon boat, dual battery set up. Both batteries charge while the motor is running. I have a house battery that only runs the lights, amplifiers, etc. and a starting battery for the motor.


I installed a secondary battery in my car so I could play the stereo, lights, and outlets while the car is not running without killing the starting battery. This does exactly what I need. I can leave my android receiver deck on while I go into a store or whatever, and come back out and start the car without making the receiver have to reboot every time.


Never knew I needed one until my main battery in my car was dying and the starter trying to pull voltage from my amp battery. I like how it isolates the system.

james campbell

I use this to isolate my auxiliary battery from my house battery on my 1987 Jeep Wrangler. I use the auxiliary battery to power an auxiliary fuse block, and what's that battery gets depleted I didn't want it to start drawing from my house battery. I tested this on my DC power supply and it works exactly as advertised. cut in and cut out voltages are exact. Works just as well installed in the vehicle it's been used every day for a couple months now no problems whatsoever.

Guy Grant

I have had this installed for about 2 months and it is working great. You should use a voltage meter to confirm the output of the setting you choose.